We Can Help to Stop the Genocide Today, Or Regret It Tomorrow

David Burn
3 min readMar 17, 2022

There are no rules in war and zero concern for human life. This begs the question, what kind of atrocity needs to be perpetrated on the people of Ukraine before The West gets directly involved in the war? Would we enter the war if Russia set up concentration camps in Ukraine?

Next question…How is the indiscriminate bombing of Ukrainian cities and the civilians in them any different? Russia has turned Mariupol, a city of 300,0000 into an unwalled death camp.

What if Russia also opts to use chemical or biological weapons? What if they use nuclear weapons? Will that move us to cross an imaginary line and help to drive Russian forces out of Europe?

Sixty-one hospitals in Ukraine have already been bombed by Russian forces, along with schools, museums, apartment buildings, and so on. So why this illusion about a red line that we will or won’t cross? Russia crossed that line a long time ago in Ukraine.

People contend that it’s too risky to take action against Vladimir. I contend that it’s too risky to let him continue this war and reign of terror.

Also, the United States has already had our Pearl Harbor-like event with Putin’s Russia. Putting a Russian asset in the White House cost the US dearly. It also cost Ukraine dearly, as Vlad’s American puppet blackmailed Ukraine’s president and denied him the weapons that he quite clearly needed. In case we forget in the fog of war, Don Don was impeached for this.

The American Puppet Shows Must End

Vladimir’s all about the long play. He started cultivating Don Don as an asset in the 1990s. He’s playing chess while we play checkers. But there is one public person in the US who plays chess. Her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump ‘a puppet’ for Putin to his face and she was right to do so.

If we had better schools, a functional and faithful media, and the mental space to pay attention to global affairs, we might know how badly we were attacked by Russia in 2016. To face the facts of what happened in ’16 and what’s continuing to happen today inside the US means admitting that millions of Americans today are fascists. I can admit it. Can you?

These anti-freedom forces have been waging a brutal culture war here in America, and getting away with it. Here in Texas and all across this land of liberty, civil rights are under attack. It’s clear that members of the far-right in this country believe in hegemonic masculinity. It’s also clear that the Republican Party and Putin are of one authoritarian, anti-democratic mind today.

I want to see the USA help kick Vladimir’s ass to the curb. At the same time, I am constantly reminded that we have our own asses to kick.

David Burn

Fired up to write it down.