Same Old, Same Old Is the Wrong Answer for Our Time

David Burn
3 min readApr 2, 2020

There’s a national election coming in November. A new president might be chosen. This thrills millions of people. Meanwhile, millions of other Americans are not moved.

Progressives are one group on the left that is not impressed by the available choices and Rebecca Traister has some things to say about it.

To some degree, the appeal of Biden makes sense. Disruption of social order is scary, eruptive, discombobulating. Middle-of-the-road white men feel safe to a country that was built by and around them. But the lasting power of a politician like Biden shows what happens when a period of reflexive comfort stands for too long. Because when you behave as if your party isn’t actually committed to fighting on the side of the disenfranchised, you don’t fight on the side of the disenfranchised.

Traister ain’t playin’. Here’s another thing about her: she isn’t on TV. She’s a writer.

Somehow the real story gets missed on TV. On TV it’s all bleached teeth and casual deflections. Whatever criticisms I or you or reporters have for Biden will roll off his back just as easily they roll off of Don’s. These men are characters. One is the guy you have a beer with at the corner tavern. The other is the guy you beat up outside the corner tavern. Naturally, the beer drinking guy is more pleasant to be around. He’s also easier to hear through the tubes.

May I please ask you something? Why do we continue to accept less when more is the better option? Why do we frame everything in scarcity when abundance is the real American truth? To stay with the political, we, the people, are sold the same bill of goods year after year, including the idea that THIS ELECTION is the one to change things. I’ve heard the same line over and over for decades. It’s ridiculous and untrue.

Are We Mice or Are We Sheep?

We claim to honor and admire the founding fathers, but I do believe those men would look upon us with disdain and possibly scorn. Like the founders of our nation before us, we are faced with a decaying, corrupt, ugly system of government. It is holding us back in the worst ways. And this must stop, but it won’t stop until we stop it. How will we stop it?

David Burn

Fired up to write it down.