Political Ads Get Properly Skewered By A Major League Baseball Team

Politics is such an ugly sport, unlike baseball. Baseball is life-sized chess with cleats.

Baseball is also America’s pastime, and politics is not. Politics is America’s wasteland. And politics in a presidential election year is even worse. All of which leaves the American public hungry for something good, something original, and something fun. Something like this self-promo campaign from the Texas Rangers.


Stand with the entire alphabet, stand with the Rangers. Zingers. They’re like sliders thrown by the copywriter.


Now more than ever, we need a team that embraces one planet-Earth!


According to Maritime law, it’s illegal for a moose to operate an aquatic vessel.


Call us old-fashioned, but we like classical Newtonian physics-we believe baseball teams should exist in one place at one time.

Originally published at https://www.adpulp.com on September 16, 2020.

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