Inexplicable Fragments

David Burn
Sep 3, 2022


Central Texas sunset on Highway 71

Have you updated your timeline today?
Your audience is waiting
For another brilliant snapshot
Another loose thought

Inside the dopamine factory
You punch the clock and load the dock
Dangling pieces of the infinite puzzle
Longing for likes, attention, love

You scroll the streams of unconsciousness
Dodge highlight reels and ‘best lives’ lived
The self-important insist on a parade
Strangers and Prom Queens waving

All thumbs on glass
Controlling the plug-and-play pleasure zone
Look, a new job, new girlfriend, new dog
Check, check, check

Inexplicable fragments
Threadbare stories untold
An empty clatter of keys
Odious and illogical

You’ve been Retweeted again
Your conversational capital is rising
Even while your bank accounts drain
And your fingers work to explain