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  • Bryce Oates

    Bryce Oates

    Rural policy data and info. Smartass prose. Economy. Ecology. Equity. Inclusion. Diversity. Humility. No gaslighting. No billionaires. No deniers. No empire.

  • Kathleen Hessert

    Kathleen Hessert

    #ReputationMgmt Traditional & #SocialMedia Strategy aligned to business goals; Activation, Listening, Education for #Sports & #Entertainment brands

  • Beth Farris

    Beth Farris

    Beth Farris is Business Clarity Mentor, helping starting solopreneurs get clear on their business and brand. Email: beth@beth-farris.com.

  • Daniel Waldman

    Daniel Waldman

    Former PR agency owner turned freelance writer. #Expat living in France. Http://danielwaldman.com

  • Michele Price

    Michele Price

    Futurist, Leadership Coach focused on human behavior, an entrepreneurial philosopher believes in #FierceSelfKnowledge https://growbusiness.lpages.co/recalibrate

  • Brooks Halladay

    Brooks Halladay

    I love building and creating things.

  • Taulbee Jackson

    Taulbee Jackson

    CEO / Strategist / Chief Troublemaker @Raidious. Raidious builds audiences for large national brands. #OwnedMedia, #Content, #SocialMediaAnalytics

  • Matt Payne

    Matt Payne

    Computer Programmer in Omaha, NE

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